NVIDIA RTX 3050 6GB: Leaked Specs and Full Analysis

NVIDIA RTX 3050 6GB: Leaked Specs and Full Analysis


The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 6GB has been the subject of recent rumors and leaks, raising expectations and questions about its performance and features. In this article, we will take a closer look at the leaked specifications and compare this new model with its predecessor, the RTX 3050 8GB, as well as other graphics cards on the market.

RTX 3050 6GB specifications

Specs Comparison: RTX 3050 8GB vs. RTX 3050 6GB

According to the leaks, the RTX 3050 6GB presents significant changes compared to the 8GB version:

  • CUDA cores : 2304 in the 6GB vs. 2560 in the 8GB, a 10% reduction.
  • VRAM memory : 6GB compared to 8GB of the previous model, 25% less.
  • Memory bandwidth : From 224 GB/s to 168 GB/s, also a 25% decrease.
  • Clock frequency : The 6GB version has a lower base and boost clock, these being 1042 MHz and 1470 MHz respectively, compared to the 1552 MHz and 1777 MHz of the 8GB version.
  • TDP : The 6GB model has a TDP of 70W, much lower than the 130W of the 8GB model.

These modifications indicate a focus towards more efficient energy consumption and a potentially more affordable price.

Performance and Recommended Use

Despite the reductions in specifications, the RTX 3050 6GB remains an attractive option for certain users. With a TDP of just 70W, this card would require no external power, making it ideal for compact, low-power PCs. Its performance would be sufficient for games with medium settings and not very demanding graphic design applications.

Market Positioning and Competition

When comparing the RTX 3050 6GB to other cards on the market, it falls below the RTX 3050 8GB in terms of performance. However, it surpasses other entry models such as AMD's Radeon RX 6500 XT. It is important to mention that its low TDP and the absence of the need for additional power connectors make it unique in its segment.

Release Date and Estimated Price

The RTX 3050 6GB is rumored to launch in February 2024. Although pricing has yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be more affordable than the 8GB model, providing a cheaper option for those looking for a graphics card with RTX capabilities. but with a limited budget. This pricing strategy could position it favorably against its direct competitors.

Innovations and Technologies Incorporated

The RTX 3050 6GB incorporates the latest innovations from Nvidia, including real-time ray tracing and support for DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). These technologies improve the visual quality of games and applications, while maintaining high energy efficiency.

User Experiences and Use Cases

This card is likely to be well received by those looking to upgrade their systems on a tight budget. Ideal for 1080p gaming and entry-to-intermediate graphic design applications, the RTX 3050 6GB promises to be a balanced option between cost and performance.

Conclusions and recommendations

The Nvidia RTX 3050 6GB represents an interesting step in the range of entry-level graphics cards. Although its specifications are lower than the 8GB model, it offers a balance between performance, energy efficiency and price, making it attractive to a specific segment of the market.

Frequent questions

  1. What are the main differences between the RTX 3050 6GB and the RTX 3050 8GB?

    • Answer: The main differences lie in the number of CUDA cores, VRAM capacity, memory bandwidth, clock speeds and TDP. The 6GB version has slightly lower specifications in these aspects, making it more suitable for low-power systems and tight budgets.
  2. What type of users is the RTX 3050 6GB intended for?

    • Answer: The RTX 3050 6GB is aimed at users looking for an entry-level graphics card with RTX capabilities for 1080p gaming or non-demanding graphic design applications, all on a moderate budget.
  3. Does the RTX 3050 6GB support ray tracing and DLSS?

    • Answer: Yes, like other models in the RTX series, the RTX 3050 6GB supports real-time ray tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), thus offering improvements in the visual quality of games and applications.
  4. Will I need an additional power connector for the RTX 3050 6GB?

    • Answer: No, one of the advantages of the RTX 3050 6GB is its low TDP of 70W, which means that it does not require additional power connectors and can obtain all the necessary power through the PCIe slot.
  5. When is the RTX 3050 6GB expected to hit the market and what will its price be?

      • Answer: The RTX 3050 6GB is rumored to launch in February 2024. Although pricing has yet to be officially confirmed, it is expected to be more affordable than the 8GB model, making it an attractive option for those with a shoestring budget.
  1. How does the performance of the RTX 3050 6GB compare to other graphics cards in the same price range?

Answer: Although the RTX 3050 6GB has slightly reduced specifications compared to the 8GB version, it still offers good performance for its price range. It outperforms entry-level models like AMD's Radeon RX 6500 XT and is suitable for gaming at medium settings and not very demanding graphic design applications.

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