Celestial Aromatic Humidifier

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Product description:

Immerse yourself in a unique aromatherapy experience with our Celestial Aromatic Humidifier. Its creative design, inspired by a UFO and raindrops, is not only aesthetically captivating but also adds a touch of modernity to any space. Enjoy the perfect fusion of style and functionality as you immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrances that this innovative diffuser disperses. Let yourself be carried away by the tranquility that this unique design provides, turning your home into a refuge of serenity and well-being.

Technical Parameters

- Capacity:** 350 ML
- Timing:** 2H/4H/8H
- Product Weight:** 650 g
- Input:** DC 24V/650mA
- Material:** ABS+PP
-Mist Volume:** 10-30 ML/H
- Product Size:** 145 * 145 * 189 MM
- Packaging Size:** 150 * 150 * 189 MM

Exclusive Features You'll Love:

1. Remote Control Included: Operate your aromatherapy device conveniently from anywhere in the room.
2. Personalized Aromatherapy: Add your favorite essential oils to diffuse lovely fragrances and relax both body and mind.

3. Smart Protection: Prevent dryness with automatic shut-off when water runs out, giving you complete peace of mind.

4. Smart Timer: Set the timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours, adapting it to your pace of life and saving energy.

5. Quiet and Relaxing Humidification: Enjoy serenity with the comforting sound of raindrops, perfect for restful sleep and stress reduction.

6. Colorful Atmosphere Night Light: The colorful atmosphere night light function creates a charming and relaxing atmosphere in any environment. With the ability to adjust the intensity and switch between a range of colors, this feature allows you to customize the lighting based on your mood and preferences. Whether you're looking for a soft warm glow or a vibrant atmosphere, this night light adds a cozy touch to your space, transforming every corner into a haven of tranquility.

7. Convenient Remote Control Operation: With the touch of a button, you can adjust settings, change modes, and customize aroma diffusion from the comfort of your chair or sofa. This remote control adds an extra level of convenience, allowing you to easily adapt your environment to your preferences without having to get up. Discover the luxury of having complete control of your aromatherapy experience with a simple touch, making every moment more pleasant and relaxing.

Package content:

- Air freshener 1
- Adapter 1
- User Manual 1

Transform your environment into a sanctuary of calm and well-being with our Air Freshener and Humidifier. Order yours today and discover a new dimension of relaxation!

- Humidification Method: Mist Discharge
- Power (W): 5w
- Voltage (V): 24V
- Noise Level: <36db
- Use: Home
- Number of Fog Outlets: One
- Installation: Desktop / Laptop
- Protection due to lack of water: Yes
- Function: Aromatherapy
- Certification: CE
- Model Number: UFO Raindrop Aroma Diffuser
- Humidification Capacity: 30ml/h
- Humidity Control: Touch
- Timing Function: Yes
- Operation Method: Remote Control

Applicable to: Living room, home office, bedroom, yoga room, college dorm.

Transform your space into an oasis of relaxation with the Celestial Aromatic Humidifier. Discover harmony and serenity in every drop .

Celestial Aromatic Humidifier
Celestial Aromati...
Save -38% €40.00 €65.00