Upcoming MSI Motherboards with AMD B650 Chipset and ATX12VO Power Supplies

Upcoming MSI Motherboards with AMD B650 Chipset and ATX12VO Power Supplies

MSI is preparing to launch an exciting lineup of AMD B650 motherboards and power supplies designed to meet the innovative Intel ATX12VO specification in the coming year. This strategic step reflects the industry's leading edge in simplifying power interfaces and optimizing power conversion efficiency. The primary goal of the Intel ATX12VO power supply specification is to streamline power delivery by eliminating the +3.3V, +5V, and -12V supply specifications, and shifting that responsibility to the motherboard's DC-DC transformer circuitry. Pioneering products that comply with the Intel ATX12VO standard have already been launched on the market.

In contrast to conventional power interfaces, ATX12VO stands out by reducing the standard 24-pin connector to a more compact 10-pin configuration. This change not only saves space, but also boosts power supply efficiency and significantly reduces power consumption. Key advantages of ATX12VO include:

  • An impressive 30% increase in energy efficiency.
  • A significant 23% reduction in power consumption during high load periods.
  • Greater adaptability to compact housings thanks to its space-efficient design.

Looking ahead to 2024, MSI has ambitious plans to introduce new ATX12VO-aligned products, expanding its range to include motherboards such as PRO B650 12VO WIFI and PRO H610M 12VO, accompanied by an ATX12VO compatible power supply.

PRO H610M 12VO

Additionally, tech enthusiasts can look forward to the launch of MSI's Project Zero series motherboards in 2024. This highly anticipated series will include notable models such as Z790 Project Zero, B760M Project Zero, and B650M Project Zero.

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